Comparing 5 Best AI Colorizers of 2024

by Neville Ho Feb 28, 2024

Choosing the right AI tool to add colors to black-and-white photos and make old colored pictures look better is very important.

This guide looks at the best AI color tools in detail. We tested each tool and compared their results.

We want to give you easy tools that don't need you to sign up or install anything. All the tools we talk about work on the internet, making it easy for anyone who wants to color photos quickly and without trouble.

What is an AI Photo Colorizer

Before we look at the best AI tools for adding color to photos, it's important to understand what an AI Photo Colorizer is.

An AI Photo Colorizer is a modern tool that uses artificial intelligence to add color to black-and-white photos. These tools use smart programs to carefully look at the photo's light, dark, and detailed parts, and then add colors that match this information.

Thanks to AI technology, these tools can change your black-and-white pictures into colorful and realistic images, making your old memories look new and colorful.

(All the images below are on first shot, not cherry-picked)


colorized sample from colorized sample from

Kolorize is an easy-to-use tool for adding color to black-and-white or gray pictures. With this online tool, you can quickly color old family photos, historical pictures, or any black-and-white image you like.

Using Kolorize is simple - just upload your photo, and let the AI automatically add colors. Kolorize is great for people who want to make black-and-white images colorful without complicated photo editing software. Whether you're fixing old family photos or adding color to your art, this online colorizer makes the process fun and brings your pictures to life.

2. Colorizer

colorized sample from colorized sample from AI Colorizer tool is another great editing software that lets you color pictures easily. You can upload pictures to it and tell if they show landscapes or people. uses smart algorithms to look at your old pictures and uses its deep learning technology to add colors confidently.

3. Img2Go

colorized sample from img2go colorized sample from img2go

Img2Go is a dependable online tool you can use. It lets you choose the type of your image, so the tool can accurately analyze it, whether it's a picture of people or a landscape. You can also adjust how the image is converted to make sure the finished photo looks good and meets what you want.


colorized sample from palette colorized sample from palette is a creative AI tool designed to change how we color photos. It easily adds color to black-and-white images, making them bright and realistic. This tool has many features to fit different needs.

5. DeepAI Colorizer

colorized sample from deepai colorized sample from deepai

DeepAI Colorizer is known for its great performance and accuracy. However, some users have noticed that the colors it makes can be a bit dull, and there might be small mistakes in certain parts of the colored image.


In today's digital world, there are many online tools and services for adding color to photos. We will show you some of the most popular and best quality ones, with detailed information about each. This will help you understand their features better so you can pick the one that fits your needs the best.

Also you can find more samples from other providers here.

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